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Have you ever tried a lamb roast? Then you should definitely have me over! I love getting toasty warm with a couple and ram is my middle name. The chick loves it and the dude enjoys it way more than he ever imagined he would. There's no shame in sharing a chick, in fact it's nothing but glory. - TearMe_Up
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Women love me, and most men hate the fact, but the smart guys (like the ones on just embrace it. If your wife wants me the smartest thing that you can do for each other is just join in together. Men actually end up appreciating having me join in because I show them exactly what their wife wants and how to deliever. - WolfGangFuck
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I just love men. I don't care if he's married, straight, bi, young, old, I'll take whatever I can get. Infact, I actually prefer married men who are curious about being with another man. I get to be like a gay representative and show them what it's like to be on the winning team. Wives always feel great about being able to help their husbands have the night of their lives, and get off too. - Asian_god

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We're looking for a younger man who loves being taken care of. We want you to lay back and just enjoy everything that we do to you. You'll never have to lift a finger when you're with us. However, you will probably scream, over and over and over again. If you're ready to see what it's like to be treated two experienced sex gods then you should send us a message.

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We're usually all about Southern hospitality. My husband is the greatest gentleman you'll ever meet in public. When we're in the bedroom we leave that shit at the door and become animals. We're looking for a man who's ready to leave his inhibitions at the door and follow his animal intuitions. Scream, growl, bit, and spank whatever feels good!

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We're pretty experienced when it comes to sex. Trust me, we've seen, done, and tasted it all. That's why we love We get to hook up with young men who are convinced that they have it all figured out and love seeing the looks on their faces when show them how a real pro does it. Never gets old.

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With 5 years of marriage our greatest fear is ever feeling like we've lost our passion. We love trying new things and going to places. We're constantly learning new things about each other. That's why we joined Watching my wife with a new man, seeing what she likes, doesn't like, it's all a learning experience for me, and keeps both of us satisfied. This has been her fantasy for a long time and I love her enough to make it come true. She is also open to let me play with other women too and watch - we've opened up a pandora's box and I don't want it to ever close!

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My boyfriend is bi-sexual and I'm open for everything. We tried inviting some of our bi friends to join us for threesomes, but we realized that it wasn't the right move when they started to get too involved in our relationship and weren't able to separate themselves. We tried out because we weren't that the members were mad cool and only looking for a hook up buddy, not anything serious. We've made some great connections here because the guys get it - we want them to come over, give us a few orgasms and leave. No further complications. We love each other and have strict boundaries about what behaviour we find acceptable. has really made the process much simpler - it's the Google of dating and gets you the hits you're looking for!