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Don't get me wrong I love my fiance. He's a nice Italian man with great manners and treats me like a princess. The thing is I'm looking for a man who can take what he wants.I love a guy to take control. I sometimes feel guilty about these desires, but realise that I haven't really explored this side of me. I want to get it only out of my system before I settle down and commit to just one guy for the rest of my life. I keep delaying the wedding date so I can play around with men who want to fully explore my body in play with me in every possible way. The freakier, the better. I need this all out of my system ASAP so if there are guys out there who like to take advantage of a girl, i'm the one for you. That's why I joined and you should too. - NessaBella
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I have a great job that demands a lot of me. I travel very often and don't have a lot of time to dedicate to meeting new men and dating. I love because I can find a man who can fulfill my womanly needs regardless of what city I'm in that night, and I don't need to call back in the morning. - BiteMe
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In the last year a lone 6 of my friends have gotten engaged and married. Many of them complain that they waited, they're miserable, bored, have bad sex. Me? I'm with a different man every night and never felt sexier and more alive! Thank you - CuddleBug

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Sweet Success Stories

image descritpionSimonSays

I got engaged to my high school sweetheart. As cliche and doomed as it was, I was really heartbroken when she called off our engagement. I didn't want to go trolling for chicks at local bars and clubs. I just felt like I wasn't ready to love another women. My friends setup me up with an account on to get me back in the game. I met a really cool girl, and we chatted for a couple of weeks. We've been together for over a year now and the sex is amazing.

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I'm sick of the broads that drool over me at the gym, grocery store, an everywhere else. I don't have time for these thirsty chicks that are looking for a diamond ring from me. I'm young and hot and I'm not about to settle for just one girl. I've had some serious issues with clingy chicks who start blackmailing me just to get me into bed. I joined because this site has the sexiest broads who have no interest in becoming your wife they just want to hook up! It's incredible that this shit even exists! You won't believe it either bro, so sign up today and it will be raining women everywhere you look!

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I've been married and divorced. I'm never going back to that life. I joined because the women agree that marriage is nothing that we want to get into anytime soon or ever. The women will bang you like they love you, but move on the next night like you paid them to. Win- win!

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I'm looking for a confident woman who isn't afraid to ask for exactly what it is that she wants. A woman confident enough to seek a man to hook up just for a single night, and tell him exactly how to bang her. That's why I love this site! The women I've met have been my dream girls, and will never ask me why I didn't text them!

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I live in a small town where no one shares any of my interests! It can get really boring out here, most people just watch sheep to pass the time and don't really have anything interesting to say. We all know each other, know everyone's business, and have nothing to talk about. I'm so tired of all the men here. That's why I joined, because I wanted to find a man nearby who was open to new experiences, can teach me a thing or two, and make me feel like a woman. My deepest fantasy is to meet a guy from another town and have sex somewhere in public where no one knows me. I like the thrill of the risk to break out of my boring lifestyle. I hope there's some guys nearby who can help me with my dilemma!


My best friend and I used to fight over this one guy. We were both totally in love with him and convinced that we weren't meant to marry him. Well, turns out that he was meant for only her and they got married this summer. She never misses a chance to rub it in my face. My payback? I joined and get to hook up with dudes 10 times hotter than he is, every night, and have the pictures to prove it. That shut her right up. I don't know why I wasted my time over that one guy, and I know she now regrets not being single and having all the fun that I'm having! - thank you


Sex can be such a beautiful thing. I feel like society ruins all of the meaning of sex. It's about sharing your body with another person. Forget all of the titles, timelines, and societal rules. On WhoWantsToDate everyone is just enjoying themselves, free from judging eyes. It's a beautiful thing. I'm a free spirit and want to live my life like that. I wish I was taken back to Roman times where I could have sex openly and freely with who I want, when I want. Especially with one of those Gladiators...mmm... any guys who come visit me in costume will definitely get some bonus points!