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No more lonely nights complaining to your girlfriends about the horrible dates you've been on. Have it your way and start dating the men of your dreams. Sign up with a valid e-mail and post a sexy pic to attract those hunks instantly. We'll make sure only the best matches filter through so have fun!

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Men are here and waiting to try this online dating thing with you. Like minded singles who are new to the game are hoping for that perfect connection. Not convinced? Take a look around and get familiar with the kind of people you'll meet inside. See why we're rated the #1 dating site of the year.

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The only way to date is here. The best site with the most interesting men in the world. That's a big statement for a dating site but come in and see for yourself why we dare to make that claim. We promise satisfaction and we always deliver so come and meet the man of your dreams today.

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I love women! I love the way that they smell, look, taste! Thanks to I can appreciate all of the women that I want to. I meet women on the site, treat them like the princesses that they are; wine them, dine them, have sex like crazy, and then do it all again with another woman the next night. - JiggaLo
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I was a virgin until recently. I'm super shy and never had the confidence to approach goreous women that I was attracted to. I joined to gain some confidence and finally lose my virginity. I was nervous at first, but after creating my profile my inbox was flooded with messages from gorgeous women who explained all of the dirty things that they wanted to do to me, in detail. Let's just say, I'm VERY experienced now. - SittinSidewayz
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My wife and I have a great relationship. We're actually both members on the site! We've always had an open relationship, and sing we're able to browse through members quickly, find people to hook up with and who understand that we're both already in love and not looking for any other commitments, just good old fashioned sex. We like to do it proper with a formal introduction, dinner, drinks and getting to know each other. It helps build the anticipation and makes it clear what we want from the outset. When everything is on the table, we like to get on the table and rock all the legs until they fall enough! Being this bad has never felt so good - has opened my mind from my conservative ways. - SilverFox

Live Out Your Fantasies, You'll Be Happy You Did

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine the number one women's magazine for sex advice and dating tips, the majority of women are afraid of engaging in one-night hookups with men, out of fear of being judged. There is no need to fear the judgment of prying eyes on because all of your engagements with other will remain 100% private. Male members on are also extremely open-minded and aren't looking for a serious relationship. Our website was named the best dating site to hook up because all of our members are here for only one reason, to hook up with no strings attached and with no judgment. Guys here are screened out to make sure the creeps stay away and you're just left with the best of the best in quality. Any guys who do not make the cut are banned from the site - so you don't have to worry about your inbox being filled up by creepy messages! If you're ready to live out your fantasies, join now!

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Satisfied Members

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I'm looking for a man who can have sex like beast and then leave me alone. Everyone always warned me that guys will hook up and drop you, but I've never been lucky enough to find a dude like that before I joined All of the men that I met were practically ready to marry me after hooking up and would start stalking me. The men on are different. They understand what's the deal - hookup and leave me alone.

image descritpionSharkAttack

I'm currently in my second year of graduate school. I have an incredible job that I love, fabulous friend who can afford to travel with me, and a body that won't stop. You may be wondering about my love life, but I'm not looking for love right now. I like guys like me who like me - is that too much for a girl to ask? makes sure it's not - they really understand what i'm looking for a filter my preferences to the best of the best. Even when i'm abroad, I can rest assured that i've got a hookup waiting for me in the local area! It's so easy, especially with the mobile app that can GPS pin point where a guy is and when they're available.

image descritpionMrsKissez

I've been married for 2 years; I've also been completely bored with my sex life for the same amount of time. It seems like for some reason sex has to automatically start sucking right after you get married. It's like as soon as you sign that paper you sign away your sex drive with it. Even our honeymoon sucked because everything suddenly changed and it just became normal again. I don't do normal. After a year of boring sex I finally broke down and joined without my husband knowing. The site is totally discreet and every hookup that I have happens without my husband having a clue. I love living on the edge, especially when men come over and do me in our bed and I have no idea when my husband is coming back. Don't worry, the closet is big enough to keep you safe and there's plenty of room for us in the jacuzzi too!

image descritpionRed_19

Crazy is as crazy does, so I guess that makes me crazy. I love a man who gets rough and nasty in bed. Spitting, spanking, biting ,nothing is off limits in the bedroom. In work i'm a boss and I get frustrated with everyone who just sits there and takes my orders. That's why I use's advanced search options to find men who I'm 100% sexually compatible with. I can assure that I'm always going to enjoy myself by filtering out the nice guys. Bring me a badboy any day, the rougher the better. I want a buff body with high testosterone so I can be thrown around and told what to do! Any man who can make me call him boss is the one for me, come find me ;)

With So Many Ways To Connect, What Could Be Easier?

On we love to keep things fresh and fiery for all of our members! That's why we offer a plethora of methods for members to communicate with each other. Our members have the option to promote a hook up with other members through sending a private message, instant messaging, commenting on photos, or sending flirty actions including 'kiss', 'wink', 'wave', 'sexy', 'lick' etc. This hugely increases your chance to hookup when someone responds and opens a new dialogue for fun flirty play. We make sure our female members are playing safe by reviews from other women about guys they've dated - so you've got nothing to worry about with any of our members! If you're ready to hook up tonight, join and find that date of a lifetime that will change everything. We will never post to your social media profiles or share your information without your permission either. Your pleasure is kept discreet so you can explore your naughtiest desires any time. Find a hook up tonight, join


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Many women complain that most online dating sites offer an unfair advantage to men seeking hook ups, because the overwhelming majority of members on these sites are females. On we assure quality control by monitoring our male to female member ratio for our heterosexual female members. Our female members will be glad to know that we have millions of active male members looking to hook up with women, assuring that ladies on the site will have a lot of options. Whatever your preferences, we're here to cater to your needs. Whether it's the size of the man or his personality, we'll match you up with hot local members looking to get naughty and are clear about what's on offer. No games, just straight dialogue and take it where you want to go with this. Join now and start the affair of your life. You could be meeting the man of your wildest dreams. Hot and sexy men waiting for connections tonight.

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On of my favourite things about this website is the endless amount of quality women to browse through. I've had plenty of adult dating profiles. I've even been on most of the mainstream sites, but I'll never abandon because they know quality on this site! Everyday there is a new group of women to browse through! I like my women slightly bigger, because i'm a firm believer that bigger is better. Everything is big about me so I want the same from a woman! I like to bite too, but I promise i'll be gentle!


I joined because I didn't believe in marriage and soulmates and all of that. I met tonnes of great women, hooked up with a few, and built great friendly relationships with a few online. I never expected to meet the love of my life on an adult dating site. Carol and I clicked immediately, hooked up a few times and realized that this was it for the both of us. Nothing is more romantic than sharing a pizza slice when you've got the munchies too... this is what life is all about! is awesome, come online and take a hit! This is some real high grade stuff and you won't find this quality anywhere else on the Internet!


I'm looking for a woman who knows that she is the side chick and completely okay with it. I have plenty of other commitments from my work, kids and wife, so I'm looking for a woman who just wants to have fun. We'll never be anything serious but we will always have seriously amazing sex. I've had a few chicks who get this dynamic but sometimes they just want more. The problem is I like to spoil them and then they want to be number one - that's a really issue