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Hooking up locally matters to us. We both work full-time and have personal commitments. But that shouldn't mean our sex life should suffer. In fact, it means we deserve better ones! We work hard and we deserve to play hard. And we can do that, thanks to and its list of local results. We can hook up with local women day in and day out, because we don't have to waste time on the road, commuting for sex. - Groovy_Move
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We've been having threesomes for about a year now. And since we joined three months ago, we've been unstoppable. By that we mean we have all the tools we need to successfully initiate and enjoy threesomes, and it's all thanks to the world's greatest online dating site. If you want to meet and hook up with single women, this is the place to be. Trust us. It's incredible. - Smell_TeamSpirit
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Having threesomes should be easy, simple, and fun. And thanks to, they finally are! The two of us have been dedicated members of various swingers clubs. But it was getting far too expensive and time-consuming. Now, with, we can plan dates and chat with sexy single women from the comfort of our bed. It's great to know that we have someone looking out for us. is like a personal secretary for our sex life. - YiingYaang

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Whether you're looking for a commitment or not, has you covered with all of the sex you could ever ask for. If you're looking for something long-term, find out if your potential lover is, as well, by using our free chat feature. If you want something quick and short-term, you can find out the same way. Chatting means you can get to know people before you bringing them home. It means you can find out what each other like and set ground rules. No strings attached also means you can leave whenever you like. We don't take any credit card information, ever, so you can have peace of mind knowing you're in safe hands. Our concern is your satisfaction and we take pleasure in your pleasure. Everything is on your terms and couples are there and ready to go at your pace. Message or turn on that web cam and start those steamy hook up sessions. Book that weekend date today and look forward to that casual affair.

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This Is Why Our Members Come Back

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Nothing gets me more excited than taking on a married couple. I've been a member with for only a few months, and already I've met and hooked up with dozens of couples. It's empowering to know that two people want to hook up with me simultaneously. I mean, it's no secret men always fantasize about threesomes, but women do, too. Knowing that I can conquer a straight woman. Sexy.

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I love getting pleasured by men and women alike. So hooking up with married couples just made sense. It means I can hook up with them both at the same time. And knowingthat I can handle two people at once gives me so much confidence. I mean, I know I'm hot, but it's nice to have physical confirmation of that. has given me the tools I need to meet and hook up with hot couples all over the place!

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I want to hook up with as many couples as I can. That has been my mission ever since joining, because they make it so damn easy to meet and hook up. Hooking up is simple and fun because of and its award-winning technology. They match you with couples who meet your exact specifications. They want you to be as successful as possible when it comes to hooking up because, after all, that's their business!

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I'm young, but I know how to perform, and I know who I want. And that's married couples. They love it when I show up, barely five feet, looking like I'm still in high school. It's fun for me, too, because I get absolutely spoiled. Wined, dined, and obsessed over. It gives me such a feeling of empowerment, knowing theat they're giving me the red carpet treatment. The women usually have trained the guys how to pleasure and treat a woman. It's an orgy of fun and I hope to meet more local couples who will want me to join them!

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You're on the go, and so are we. We know how hectic our members' lives can be, so we made sure to make all of our features available on our mobile site. That means that, even when you're not at home or work on your computer, you can still get in touch with tens of thousands of sexy couples. We know how difficult so many of our day to day activities can be, so wanted to ensure that hooking up with sexy couples was easy, safe, and fun! Have a search through our members list while you're sitting in the office and get turned on for some evening fun before you know it!


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We know you're busy, so we've made it easier than ever to skip the line and hop in the sack! An amazing sex life is important, and so is your time. That's why we feature local results before all others, in order to cut down on the commute. That leaves you more time to experience passion you never thought possible. Our members are beautiful, highly-successful, and motivated people. We want to connect them as quickly and easily as possible. Our local results mean that you don't have to spend hours on the road in order to get the sex you deserve. You never know who is waiting right around the corner from you until you have a look for yourself! Don't delay - sign up today on and see who wants you to join in on the fun. Couples are anxiously awaiting sexy women to sign up. Sexy women just like you that they can message and entice for a midnight romp session. Are you ready to be the object of a couples affection?

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