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If you're ready to find a hook up buddy, join what has been named the best dating site for hook ups, and get together tonight! If you're still not convinced, take a look around. Read through member testimonials and see what others have to say.

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Young and free is the name of the game on this site! Everyone is looking to just live their life without being held down by titles and judgments. I can hook up with 3 different guys in one week, brag about it on the site, and people will actually encourage me rather than call me a slut! Love it! - GrabLife
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When was the last time that you did something for the first time? We've been married for 7 years and helps us to keep our marriage fresh and new. We find new couples every week who are just as passionate about keeping their marriages alive, and have the time of our lives together. If you haven't had swinging fun, you're missing out. We have a preference for keeping the lights on, because sometimes there can be mix ups! It's all fun though, the couples we've met on here are great and come in all different flavours. We love to lick, so if you're tasty, don't be shy to come our way! - HeadStienz
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There nothing more satisfying for me, than to make a woman scream while she orgasms and her husband watches from the other side of the room. Sometimes I think I should be giggolo and get paid for this because so many women are begging for it! I'm not really down when the husband comes and spanks my ass to get involved, so in the future i'm going to have to make boundaries clear that I don't swing that way... well unless i'm really drunk, I guess it's important to never say never either! - BottomzUp

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Members on know us as the best dating site to hook up, because of the endless options that we offer. is the fastest growing online dating site online today! With over 6 million active members, we welcome hundreds of new members everyday. Each time that you logon to our website there will be new options available, hundreds of new members to browse through, and millions of people waiting to hookup! Why waste your time on other websites which have endless forms and take forever to complete. With more than a 85% success rate, you'll join the best of the best to find the fulfillng hookup or relationship you've been anticipating your whole life.

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Our Million Members Can't Be Wrong

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I join 2 years ago and I've been a fan ever since! I love how open minded all of the members are. Even if I'm not interested in necessarily hooking up with all of them I enjoy messaging and chatting with cute guys. I also never realized just how many sexy guys lived in my area!

image descritpionGoku89 has made me a bit of a female connoisseur! There are so many different option to communicate with chicks on the site, I can sweeten them up with privates messages, send them a wink, or even IM them like back in the day. For me there are no other options when it comes to hooking up with hot chicks!

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My husband is bi-sexual, and I'm a try sexual (as in I'll try anything that feels good). We use to find men to join us for threesomes. We've tried some freaky stuff in the past - can't really divulge too much - but once it involved a gimp mask and a sugar cane... i've said too much ;) I love seeing other men dominate my husband and take him from behind while I spank him. He calls this double trouble, and he's always on the look out for trouble! Sometimes I think he just fights with me to get disciplined... i've definitely found one in a million!

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Life is about feeling good! Forget settling down and committing. On everyone has the same mindset ,live for the moment and forget what others have to say! If you live your whole life worrying about what other people think, you'll never truly experience life. The last thing I want is to lie on my death bed thinking about all the guys I didn't sleep with in my lifetime. I've already had a few missed opportunities growing up and want to make the most of endless orgasms before I hit my peak.

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65% of people who setup an online dating profile, and later abandon it, admit that they do so because they did not have the time to dedicate to their profile. Most adult dating sites will require you to dedicate time to maintaining your profile, and are only available for browsing on a desktop. is 100% mobile compatible. We understand that your lives are busy, but that shouldn't mean that you're unable to schedule in some fun. Use, the best dating site to hookup to find somebody while you're on the go!Our mobile app device available on Android and iPhone makes it even easier to search through our members to find the results you want. We can even pinpoint your closest hookup in your area through Google Maps for sexy fun within the hour! What more could you seriously ask for from a hookup dating website. If you're ready to hookup, join the best dating site around. We make it convenient for you. Your time matters and we know it's important to get what you want, when you want it. Join the action and stop waiting for your dating dreams to come true!


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I'm so tired of the types of men that you meet in a gay bar. It's always the same ,buy them a drink, hope that they'll be flattered, use a few pick up lines and HOPEFULLY get them to come home with you by the end of the night. I used to hang out at the gay saunas but found the guys there really wierd and creepy. After a bad experience, I decided to never go back and check out this whole online dating scene. Thanks to I can skip all of the wasted time and get right to the sex! Maybe i'll find Mr Right instead of Mr Right Now... but until then i'm enjoying the sexy studs who turn up with their big packages at my doorstep. Forget mail order brides, here is where you want to be!


We were on the verge of divorce, but as weird as it may sound saved our marriage. By inviting other women into our love making, we found new passion. There was one blonde who absolutely blew our mind - she was sweet, sensual and absolutely dominated me. My wife loved to watch and I found some strange pleasure in being tamed by a complete stranger. It made us grow stronger and there's nothing sexier than sharing a bed with someone for mutual orgasmic fun! The divorce papers have been torn up and things are looking up.


My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. We decided that we would work past it and stay together. I didn't feel like I could truly forgive him until I got my revenge. One membership, and 6 different guys later, I feel satisfied. I met a variety of men here from my local area, from the sweet romantic to the bad boy. They've all fulfilled me in different ways and I have no regrets about my experience.


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